Platform for function diagnostics

PADSY organizes all applications in cardiopulmonary function diagnostics and controls the con- nected devices to record the vital parameters.

Standardized user interface

All PADSY applications share the same look and feel, making for reassuringly straightforward operation.

Operating systems

Thanks to the Java programming language, PADSY and its applications are fully compatible with Windows and Apple operating systems. PADSY will also be made compatible with new mobile systems (such as tablets and smartphones).

Network capability

PADSY is designed as a server / client system and therefore functions in networks of any size.


PADSY communicates with HIS and IT systems in the doctor’s of ce. Patient data and diagnostic findings are transmitted and received fully auto- matically via the respective interfaces.

ECG management

The PADSY ECG management concept integrates medical systems from other manufacturers and optimizes the work ow in the hospital.

PADSY Applications