The long-term ECG analysis community

As a doctor with your own practice, you face increasing pressure on costs! The Planet system from PADSY-Holter is the solution for your forward-looking long-term ECG diagnosis and combines maximum cost efficiency with the diagnostic quality of a cardiology centre. Take advantage of the expert knowledge of our analysis community for your long-term ECG diagnostics and offer your patients convenient digital long-term ECG recording with top-notch recording quality. The Planet system can be seamlessly integrated into your practice’s EDP system and can exchange all necessary data with the analysis centre either via the Internet or by post. Your sensitive data are only shared with the analysis centre via securely encrypted connections. Computer viruses and hackers haven’t a chance!

The professional analysis centre

The professional centre has an individually configured longterm ECG system for the Planet application with supplementary central function. Once a Planet has sent an ECG recording, the centre receives a notification of the received recording together with information relating to the patient, recording and sender. An analysis of the long-term EC recording is carried out at the analysis centre. At the end of the analysis, the results are not printed out but sent back to the Planet. This haappens at the press of a button, and minutes later the analysis participant is able to print out the diagnosis and discuss it with the patient. For saving data transmission capacity not all the information is sent, only changes and comments.

The Planet system as analysis participant

The Planet system contains the PADSY-Holter online software. At the end of the ECG recording, the data are sent to the PC, encrypted and forwarded automatically to the analysis centre via the Internet in just 20 seconds. The results are sent back as soon as the analysis is complete and can be viewed, printed out and archived by the Planet participant.