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  • Disposable device bags immediately available for:
    • ECG Time
    • Telesmart
    • ECG Top D/BT
    • Scanlight

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    ECG Top D/BT

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    The 12-lead ECG amplifier for resting and stress ECG meets highest requirements for signal quality and reliability. Modern, innovative as well as precise in measurement – ECG signals are recorded and transmitted to the analysis software PADSY ECG or PADSY Ergo (depending on the version optionally via USB cable or bluetooth).Read more

    ECG Time

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    The small, lightweight ECG Time recorder incorporates the latest technologies of Holter recorder. It combines top recording quality for 1, 2 or 3 days with maximum comfort when being worn. Simple and intuitive to operate, ECG Time stands out for comfortable measurement in a compact, modern design.Read more

    ECG Time S

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    The Mini Holter recorder ECG Time S combines comfort and performance in a new dimension. Wireless, small, extremely light as well as ergonomic shape – ECG Time S focuses on a high degree of comfort and easy handling. The extended storage capacity enables recordings up to 9 days with only one battery.Read more

    ECG Air / BT

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    Mobile and modern suction unit technology – powerful, sensitive and infinitely adjustable. This suction unit is hygienic, particularly gentle for the patient and offers a user-friendly interface. Optionally with bluetooth data transfer through a fully integrated high-end 12-lead ECG amplifier.Read more