… using public transport

  • From Hamburg Airport, take S-Bahn line S1 to Hamburg main railway station (Hauptbahnhof)
  • From Hamburg main railway station (Hauptbahnhof), take S-Bahn line S21 to Bergedorf station (approx. 23 min)
  • From Bergedorf station, take the bus line 31 to the “Lehfeld” stop, then walk for approx. 4 minutes towards motorway A25
  • Or from Bergedorf station, take one of the following buses to the “Am Schleusengraben” stop. You have the following choices:
    • Line 124 (towards Hauptbahnhof/ZOB)
    • Line 223 (towards Schule Ochsenwerder)
    • Line 327 (towards memorial Neuengamme)
    • Line 4400 (towards Bütlingen, Im Briggen)
    • Line 8800 (towards Geesthacht/Lauenburg ZOB)
  • Or walk approx. 20 minutes from Bergedorf railway station to Curslacker Neuer Deich 66

Timetable information is available from the HVV (Hamburg public transport service).

… by motorway

From motorway A1, take the A25 signed to Geesthacht and then leave at the Bergedorf exit to reach Curslacker Neuer Deich.