PADSY Ergo controls the workload your patients are subjected to – so you and your staff remain relaxed and in control. For a reliable diagnosis, the entire 12-channel ECG, including pacemaker spikes, is recorded with maximum signal quality throughout the stress test. By using the compatible amplifiers offered by Medset and the PADSY Ergo algorithm, the ECG can be reliable assessed even in stress levels. This is achieved by a stable base line.
The greatest possible patient safety was the most important requirement in the development of PADSY Ergo. All the information required for a safe stress test is displayed clearly and comprehensibly on one screen.

Safe in its application

To ensure that you can keep an eye on the ECG all times – especially when you are dealing with high-risk patients – you can use the „Review” function to view any ECG section from the entire trace, even while exercise training is taking place. If you have purchased the „Observation“ module, you can use this function even if you are currently at another workstation. Heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias and their frequency, and the violation of any limit values are clearly marked, meaning that you can reliably assess the ECG at any time. You can assess current representative complexes by comparing them with the patient’s resting ECG sequence recorded at the beginning. ST segment levels from all traces are displayed in the form of a trend and a clear bar chart. Deviating representative QRS complexes are shown in a separate window.

Precision in analysis

For analysis and measurement, PADSY Ergo uses the HES-BKG algorithm. Additionally, you can use the dynamic „Time Cursor” in the „Review” function to check in a short time the entire ECG, beat for beat. Trend charts give you an overview of how the ST segment has changed over time. Once you have completed your diagnosis of the recording, you can automatically generate a clear report as a printout as well as a PDF file.

Observation in the network

The „Observation” module enables you to monitor a stress test examination within your network. The ECG and all important vital signs can be monitored in real time from any number of clients in the network. The „Review“ function is also available, either as a space-saving compact view on the screen or as a detailed view that can display up to 12 channels.

Technical specifications

  • 12-channels with full recording
  • user events
  • Display of ST levels as trend and bar chart
  • Display of blood pressure measurements – automatically or manually generated and then transferred to PADSY Ergo
  • Display of representive QRS complxes
  • „Review“ function
  • User-defined stage and ramp protocols
  • Control of many bicycle ergometers and treadmills
  • Automatic survey
  • Pacemaker detection
  • „Observation“ module within a network
  • Premade and individual limit setting
  • Selection of premade protocols
  • Creation of your own protocols