PADSY-Spiro, innovative and guideline-compliant

PADSY-Spiro was designed in accordance with the current guidelines of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the American Thoracic Society (ATS). Sophisticated screen elements in the PADSY-Spiro software provide you with an extremely precise picture of your patient‘s effort during each breathing manoeuvre. You or your staff can see immediately whether the breathing manoeuvre was performed correctly or needs to be repeated. Manoeuvres only have to be repeated if, for example, their reproducibility or acceptance do not satisfy the ERS and ATS guidelines or the quality requirements are not met. Naturally, PADSY-Spiro also allows for individual assessment. PADSY-Spiro enables you to produce valid measurement results effortlessly and to optimize the workflow for your medical personnel. Static and forced manoeuvres are recorded in a single work step, for instance. Once completed, pre- and postmeasurements are grouped together, showing you the effect of the bronchial spasmolysis at a glance. All pulmonary questions can be answered by PADSY-Spiro in just one view, ensuring a reliable diagnosis every time.


Spirosound, innovative technology for PADSY-Spiro

Spirosound uses innovative ultrasonic technology to measure the respiratory flow and is therefore the ideal sensor for PADSY-Spiro. No calibration is necessary, thus helping to ensuring the accuracy of the measurements. The flow measurement is precise in conjunction with minimal deadspace and does not depend on the composition of the breathing gas. External factors such as temperature and humidity do not influence the measured values. The disposable Spirette™ guarantees optimal hygiene, meaning there is no need for bacterial filters. Having no moving parts, Spirosound is sturdy and robust, and can therefore be relied on in everyday hospital routine.

Performance features

  • Developed in accordance with ERS and ATS guidelines
  • Static and forced manoeuvres recorded in a single measurement
  • New feedback display showing manoeuvre acceptance and reproducibility
  • All key spirometry parameters determined automatically
  • Indices: flow-volume/ volume-time/ Tiffeneau
  • Comparison of reference values (charts, numerical tables)
  • Comparison of pre-/ post- measurements to show spasmolysis effect
  • Detailed view for assessing patient effort
  • At-a-glance diagnosis of key parameters
  • Compatible with SpiroScout and Easy One-PC sensors