12-Channel ECG Analysis: Simply Accurate

Efficient automatic measurement is the key to a fast and valid diagnosis. PADSY-ECG uses Biosigna’s HES measurement algorithms which have undergone continuous redesign and optimization over the past 40 years. All measured values are clearly displayed together with the representative cycles. If, however, you wish to record an ECG manually, a two-dimensional calliper is available for this purpose.

Make your work easier with HES interpretation for ECG diagnosis. Providing you with a suggested diagnosis of possible pathological symptoms, this tool supports you in compiling your diagnosis.

Intelligent Comparison Functions

The comparison function allows you to check at a glance whether pathological ECG tracings appeared since the previously recorded ECG or whether they have been there for longer. The representative complexes can be shown as differential complexes or overlaid on top of one another. A quick comparison of the heart position, which is determined automatically by frontal vector ECG display, and of rhythm strips, representative complexes and analyses values, as well as the ST level in the ST overview, is possible at any time. This allows the long-term development of any ECG parameters to be assessed, thereby ensuring successful treatment.

A Resting ECG with just a few Clicks

The modern resting ECG saves you valuable time, as all of the PADSY-ECG software tools have been optimized to allow swift operation. The ECG display is flexible and can be set with just a few clicks of the mouse. In situations where time is critical, the emergency ECG function allows you to record and print out an ECG without wasting time on entering data.

For routine daily use, many of the operating steps can be automated (e.g. a user-configured ECG printout). Once again, this saves you valuable time. Particularly useful in this context is the possibility to have a report sent to your surgery’s PC or, in PDF format, to your hospital information system.