Company profile

Medset is a medium-sized medical technology company founded in 1987.

With the introduction of the first digital ECG recorder, Medset established itself as a provider of high-quality products for cardio-pulmonary function diagnostics. For more than 30 years, we have been developing and distributing innovative medical products for medical practices and hospitals.

Our product range includes devices for Resting, Stress Test and Holter ECG, ABPM (Long-term Blood Pressure) and Spirometry (…Read more) as well as PADSY, our cardiology platform.

PADSY organizes all applications, controls the devices and provides comprehensive evaluations to healthcare professionals. (…Read more)

The constant will to meet the needs of medical practice while adapting quickly and innovatively to new requirements is our strength.

Since 2017, Medset has been part of the successful Zimmer Group in Neu-Ulm. This cooperation provides a broad basis for exciting developments – both for our customers and for each individual colleague.