Thanks to Medset’s platform-independent development strategy, the PADSY cardiology platform, including all the well-known applications for resting ECG,  stress test ECG, Holter ECG and ABPM is available for Apple PC MacOS X (Intel and PowerPC). ECG hardware can be connected via USB or Bluetooth™. Client / server functionality can be achieved either in a pure Apple network or in mixed network infrastructures comprising Windows computers or even with Linux-Server. The GDT interface allows data sharing with surgery DP programs. Prepare to be impressed by how ingeniously and reliably PADSY runs on MacOS X in your cardiology practice.

PADSY Feels at Home on Your Windows System.

Whether you run Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8.1 32/64 Bit or 2008R2, 2012. PADSY is designed to work perfectly with your operating system. PADSY can even be operated in complex server / client environments. PADSY Server can be installed on both Windows Server operating systems and Windows XP Professional systems. For unlimited use of PADSY analysis stations, PADSY is also available for Windows and CITRIX Terminal services (no additional licence is necessary).


  • controls all diagnosis systems and options
  • can be connected directly or wireless (BluetoothTM) to the diagnostic instruments and stress testing systems of different manufacturers
  • features a standardized user interface and standardized operation for all applications
  • guaranteed reliable communication in data networks, with your IT systems and HIS