The ECG Top D CardioPortFour records the ECG signals and transmits them via USB cable to the analysis software PADSY-ECG or PADSY-Ergo. The device stands out thanks to its awardwinning design (Red Dot Award 2016) and user-friendly handling. With the stress ECG, the device is fixed to the patient’s body with its pocket.

Powerful software system

The ECG Top D CardioPortFour is compatible with the PADSYPlatform (designed for PADSY). A consistent intuitive operating concept for the entire range of functional cardiology diagnostics reduces training effort and potential errors. This and he built-in network capability is the secret of success for the connection with practice EDP and hospital information systems. Thus, rest ECG, stress ECG, long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure, and spirometry from Medset have established themselves both in the hospital and in medical practice. Here, PADSY stands out especially because of its Apple compatibility.

Reliable execution

For ergometries with PADSY-Ergo, you have the ECG in view. With the “Review” feature, you can view any ECG section from the entire examination while the ergometry is being performed. The co-observation feature allows you to monitor and review current ergonomics from your workplace. With the comparison feature, you can see at a glance whether suspicious characteristics are new or have already been present for some time in the resting ECG.

Performance characteristics

  • Number of channels:
    12 leads from Einthoven I, II Wilson C1 – C6
  • Sampling rate up to 32,000 Hz
  • Signal bandwidth: 0.05 to 150 Hz
  • AD converter up to 24 BIT
  • Electrode connection: HDMI patient cable with
    defibrillation protection resistor 10 kOhm
  • LED display for: Device on, data transmission in progress
  • Power supply:
    USB: +5 VDC, 500 mA


  • Bag with waist and shoulder strap
  • Patient cable with shower as D- or B-cable (approx. 3 m)
  • Patient cable without shower as D-cable short
    (77, 84 and 91 cm) and long (84 and 123 cm)
  • HDMI / sub-D 15 adapter for suction systems