Very comfortable to wear

The wireless ECG Time S with its ergonomic, adaptable design makes applying it to the body easy. Its light weight of 30 g also increases comfort for the user.

Extended storage capacity

In addition to the usual 24 and 48-hour recordings, recordings of up to 9 days are possible with one battery. The recorder also offers a storage capacity of up to 60 days if the battery and electrodes are changed regularly.

Easy to connect to PADSY

Thanks to the specially developed initialisation tool, the ECG Time S can be configured and put into operation quickly and easily. The familiar PADSY interface allows the user to adjust all settings quickly and provides support with placement control. This means that the recording can be commenced quickly and safely.


Technical specifications / features of the recorder


  • Automatic recorder start
  • Storage capacity of up to 60 days
  • ECG data transfer via USB interface
  • Initialisation via BT interface

ECG lead

  • Via 3 push-button electrodes
  • 3 ECG channels via 3 lead points
  • Power supply: battery
  • Operating time: up to 9 days (with one battery)
  • Dimensions: 71,5 × 46 × 14,7 mm
  • Gewicht: 30 g